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            sexta-feira, fevereiro 27, 2009
I Know You Are But What Am I?


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            terça-feira, fevereiro 24, 2009
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Cam Wexler: "Eu quero ser parte da vida de alguém, não a vida inteira dela."
Cam Wexler: "I wanna be part of someone's life not all of it."

Joe: "Se você ama alguma coisa, algumas vezes você apenas quer estar cercado por ela."
Joe: "If you love something, sometimes you just wanna be surrounded by it."

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            sábado, fevereiro 14, 2009
I Know You Are But What Am I

My sis has asked me if my english still good... but i don't know how to answer. i don't use english much often, but i will try now that i have some time.
Sometimes i fell that i am better in english than in another language. Maybe 'cause in english, i can remember the words i've learned a long time ago and in the past few years since.

Any type of song is always around me, taking me to another place, and it's a good idea to write inspired with music. Even at my work, when i need to develop any kind of thing, i need to hear some music to relax and think 'bout or it won't be good enough for me. When i am calm, like now, i appreciate to take my eletric guitar and play some songs that i like to hear, felling that the music is coming out from my veins, my hands, my movements, my head and my heart, it's an explosive sensation. i hope you all try this once, at least, in a lifetime. but i am not a good singer and player both. well, they say that the one who does a lot of things its because the one is not good in anyone of these things.

It's time to grow up. Spring has come.
but it's all right, i am ok. and... how 'bout you?
this time, there's nothing left to hide.
did u really think? no. there is always something that we shouldn't say to anyone. And this is what make us what we are.
'cos u really think on me... and this time, is for real. inside of me, deeply inside, i knew it some way. somehow. i think 'bout you, too. all the time.
and there's nothing more important to me, more special, that make me spend a single minute, if this thing, is not you. what are you doing or where are you... who are with you... i can't keep all this pain alone... and i won't give up on you. drinking lover's split. You know, it's time that we grow old and do some shit.

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