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            domingo, novembro 27, 2011
For the first time

You called me 'dad' when I came into the room.
You were playing with the kitchen, trying to realize that you were cooking something good, and you are so happy with that simple toy... your innocence made all that peace inside that room for once. Your mom didn't bring me the bag with your stuff, cause she came from the beach, so I needed to buy you new clothes at the market.
Some people really don't know what they are talkin' about. They say that you'd ever love me like a daughter loves your father. They try to push me away from you saying that I dont care about you or that i'm not doing my best. This kind of things that bring me down, my heart feels like under a tight cage. there's a lot of autocontrol in me. I try to ignore them all, but it's hard sometimes.
I really wish that you understand me someday... There are no excuses about it and I know it. Sometimes I know that I'm really not doing my best, nothing that my consciousness doesn't make me regret at all. It really hurts, you know? It really hurts people saying that i'm not trying to make my own daughter happy... when you are the most important person for me in this world. you and...
... I know that studying, working, living are not excuses to not meet you.
Everytime i go away or take you away from home, your eyes starts to fill with tears that i never want to.

i never want to forget this.
the way you looked at me and said: "Papai!", i stucked for a moment and my heart was filling up with your voice... heallin' everything...
it was the five seconds that i've lived for.

i love you. <3

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